Monday, July 30, 2012

My $.02

Hey guys!  Thanks for all the new follows on my blog and Twitter and likes on Facebook.  You guys rock!  
I have a new review coming up with an interview with the author too.  Her name is Ariana Zamora and her book is called The Dreamer.  You won't want to miss it.
My girl KA Linde surprised all of her fans today by releasing her book Avoiding Commitment on all e-readers two days ahead of schedule!!  So yes, that means it was released today.  Paperback will still be released on Aug. 1st.  I can't stress it enough, if you haven't read her books, do  Once you have, do me a favor and post your review of her book(s) on GoodReads and Amazon.  It may not seem like much but your reviews help our author friends so much. 
I've also had some great breakthroughs with my writing the past week.  Just when I think I couldn't possibly get anymore ideas on stories to write BOOM, one more pops in my head.  So I'm keeping a journal of all of these ideas and hopefully will write them all in my lifetime. :)  Right now, I'm focusing on two and I'm really pleased with how they're going.  I got some GREAT feedback by a great author friend of mine and that helped me out a ton.  Thank you girl!  I have high hopes for this goal and cannot wait until I can share these stories with you.  

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